Commercial cleaning & maintenance of pavers
Application of polymeric sand for durability & longer lasting result
Driveway pavers washing, sanding & sealing
Sealing of flagstone, retaining walls & tile surfaces
Cleaning, sanding & sealing of inter locking pavers

Pavers Power Washing Systems

  • Power wash pavers

    Hiring PWS to clean your stonework will ensure a deep consistent wash to remove settled dirt and moss to bring back a clean looking stone without leaving grafitti-like water marks. We can also remove any white haze left from incorrectly used polymeric sand.
  • Gapping the Joints

    Properly gapping the joints allows room for new sand to settle in. Our Power Team will literally crawl the entire surface pulling weeds and gapping the debris, moss, and sand that did not get removed with the washing before we re-sand.
  • Re-sanding the joints

    Sweeping in new sand requires attention to detail. Too much polymeric sand in the joints or left on the surface will cause a poly haze that will need to be treated or re-washed. Our attention to detail in this area is very crucial for a clean finished product prior to sealing. Many companies fail in this area while PWS excells in our quality.
  • Applying a protective Sealer

    There are many brands of sealers. PWS uses a professional grade sealer that will enhance the appearance of your stone with either a natural finish, semi gloss / enhanced look, or wet look. A careful application will ensure a consistent look through out and will highlight the previous steps taken to leave you with amazing results.